ARTHURS-H Photography and professional retouching

Advertising, corporate, portrait and retouching photography based in Brussels

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As a professional photographer, be it outdoors or in the studio, I pay particular attention to framing, to composition and to the lighting.

Time lapse

Time lapse photos require creativity and a refined technique to get high quality results!

Photo retouching

Retouching and post production allow me to perfect images and to get the best quality shots.

Latest news

Events photography: Annual evening reception of the Luxembourgish Belgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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The Luxembourg-Belgian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (CCILB) held their annual evening reception on 9th June 2016. This.

Events photography at the 20th Celebrity Pétanque Competition at Spa

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The 20th Celebrity petanque* competition took place at Spa on Saturday 28th May 2016. Having previously photographed last.

Portrait photo of the pregnant men

10 June 2016 Making of
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Photographie de portrait : Hommes enceints pour « La Ligue des familles »

Pregnant men for “The League of Families” I recently had the pleasure of being contacted by Damien Kremer,.

Making of: Barber Bayer & Bayer of Brussels Christmas 2015 advertising

24 December 2015 Making of
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Photographe publicitaire : portrait photo du père Noël chez le barbier

This year, as a professional photographer I wanted to produce advertising imagery that was off the wall and.

Retouching for Mons 2015 – Autumn Images

25 September 2015 Making of
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Retouche photo professionnelle Mons 2015

I had the pleasure of being contacted by Andy Craps, one of the graphic designers in charge of.

Food photography at THB Liège (Nandrin)

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Photographie culinaire restaurant The Huggy's Bar 3

I had the pleasure of meeting Frédérique Béguin, PR manager, and Thomas Mémurlin, one of the founders of.

Photographing the gîte “Le Buis” at Montarcher

26 July 2015 Coverage photography
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Photographie de reportage gîte Montarcher - Après 7

Summertime is the time to travel and have some fun! During a trip to the Massif Central in.

UzinesS – The documentary

14 April 2015 Coverage photography
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photographe reportage urbex : uziness - anderlues interieur

Everything started when a group of cinema and photography students got together with the same wish: to produce.