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Advertising photography

Enjoy a creative and personalized advertising photography to showcase your products! Learn more ...

Portrait photography

With a relationship based on trust between the professional and the client, portrait photography allows to capture on a face an emotion, an expression, a look ...
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Event photography

Photographs made on a event must offer emotions and immerse the viewer in another world.Learn more ...

Food photography

Enhance your dishes, recipes, culinary creations or your restaurant with culinary photography.Learn more ...

Business & corporate photography

Business photography, also known as corporate photography, aims to showcase a business and what it does, with an image.
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Professional photo retoucher

To improve the quality of your photos, photographer Arthurs-H retouches them using professional programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom.Learn more ...


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Latest news

Garden Landscape Photography for Olivier Gustin

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Belgium Landscaping Photo Shoot Arthurs H Photography

Last April, I had the absolute pleasure of working with Olivier Gustin, owner and founder of Gustin Jardin.

RUN of the 10km of Alma by the BLSI Team

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10 Km Of Alma Run Arthurs H Photography

In March, I was fortunate enough to be asked to be the event photographer for the BLSI Team.

Corporate Photography: Iris South Hospitals

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Iris South Hospital Arthur H Photography

Corporate Photography: Iris South Hospitals As a corporate photographer in Brussels, I am fortunate to have the opportunity.

Food Photography for Biorganic Factory

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Biorganic Factory Arthurs-H Photography

After months of work, the new European House of Authors and Autrices opened its doors in Brussels on.

Events photography: Wallonia Feast of Sustainable Development

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Wallonia Event Arthurs H Photography

Earlier this month, I was invited to act as the event photographer for a three-day event celebrating sustainable.

Transurb Simulation KRAO Facility

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Transurb has been a loyal customer of mine for right around two years. After several photography sessions in.

Events photography: ING Business Week 2018

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ING Business Week Arthurs H Photography

Entrepreneur Week is an event organized by ING that aims to promote entrepreneurship, and the exchange and sharing.

Events photography: Annual evening reception of the Luxembourgish Belgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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The Luxembourg-Belgian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (CCILB) held their annual evening reception on 9th June 2016. This.

Events photography at the 20th Celebrity Pétanque Competition at Spa

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Bannière photographe événementiel Spa pétanque

The 20th Celebrity petanque* competition took place at Spa on Saturday 28th May 2016. Having previously photographed last.