Corporate Photography: Iris South Hospitals

As a corporate photographer in Brussels, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work with professionals from many different fields. I recently provided a corporate portrait session for the Iris South Hospitals at the Molière Longchamp site in Forest.

Iris South Hospital Arthur H Photography

Brussels Corporate Photography

Maxime, from the photography agency Utopix put me in touch with the communication department of the hospital. They wanted to do a portrait session of their staff to showcase the hospital’s services. Manon De Smedt, from the hospital’s department of communication, coordinated all the shots and allowed everything to happen. Thanks to good preparation, tracking and communication, everything went smoothly. Working as a photographer for the medical community is especially rewarding. It gives me an opportunity to interact with these amazing professionals who help people every day. This corporate portrait session was a great experience with a very interesting professional exchange.

Corporate Photographer for Iris South Hospitals

The Iris South Hospitals (HIS) is a “public hospital on a human scale.” With a goal of being close to the patients and caring for his best interests, this hospital group goes beyond care and seeks to build special relationships with its patients. Covering the ten communes of southern Brussels with four locations: Joseph Bracops in Anderlecht, Molière Longchamp in Forest, Etterbeek-Ixelles in Ixelles and Baron Lambert in Etterbeek, HIS actively works to provide accessible care and service to the people of Brussels.

Portrait Session Project Framework

The photos from this corporate portrait session will be used as part of a brochure for general practitioners in the Uccle, Forest and Saint-Gilles area. This brochure aims to put light on the Molière Longchamp site of the Iris South Hospitals, and thus encourages general practitioners to send patients to the hospital. Many general practitioners in the area still have an aging image of the hospital. But the hospital has been significantly renovated in recent years.

My goal as a corporate photographer in this project was to help the hospital reaffirm its positioning both in proximity and in quality. With the images from this portrait session, my goal was to show that the buildings and recent renovations have brought about a renaissance to this hospital. To accomplish this, I made sure to showcase the infrastructure and architecture of the buildings as well as the people in the portraits. The background was just as important as the subjects in each image.

Using creative framing and warm colors, I tried to illustrate the warm, friendly family side of this hospital. Not only was it important to show the recent renovations, but also to show how the team connects personally with each patient and their individualized care. These portraits allow patients to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the hospital. To accomplish this goal, every image is candid and natural instead of posed. Instead of staging these photographs, I let the action happen naturally. In composing the images, I also had to be mindful that there would be text boxes added to the images during the layout process of the brochure. Because these images were intended to be used in full page, I had to find creative ways to focus and blur the background.

Overall, I am pleased with how this project was realized. In this post, I have included both the images as I captured them and how they were ultimately used in the brochure. I’d like to thank some of the wonderful professionals I had the opportunity to work with: Dr. Szpalski, Head of the Orthopedic Service; Dr. Renneboog, Head of the Internal Medicine Department; and Antione Ligot, Laboratory Secretariat. And of course, many thanks both to Utopix and to Manon. I am grateful for your trust in my corporate photography experience. It was a pleasure working with you all!




Utopix (photographer agency)

Iris south hospital – Molière Longchamp