Photographie culinaire

After months of work, the new European House of Authors and Autrices opened its doors in Brussels on 17 March, 2018. In honor to kick off this eagerly anticipated event, the SACD hosted an open house of the new building with catering provided by Biorganic Factory.  I was invited to act as their food photographer for this event. Guests had an opportunity to enjoy drinks and light appetizers while strolling through the new spaces, watching short films and presentations of projects, and networking with other authors and creative professionals.

Biorganic Factory provided the catering for this inaugural celebration. This amazing catering company is fully organic, ethical and prides itself on staying in harmony with the principles of sustainable development. They promote local products, organic farming and respect for the planet—all through delicious food. Not only do they adhere to organic and sustainable practices, they also give any event a label of responsible quality.

Brussels Food Photographer

Acting as a food photographer for this catered event was interesting for me. It combined my expertise in event photography with my knowledge of culinary photography! While photographing this event, I tried to highlight the achievements of the caterer in the context of a live event. That way, Biorganic Factory can use these images on websites and social networks to illustrate what it’s like to attend an event with their catering.

Biorganic Factory provided a range of hot and cold appetizers as well as drinks for the cocktail reception. Each of the servings was prepared and served in such a way that it would be easy to hold in one hand while exploring the event. From a photographic point of view, the trickiest thing was to manage the light and the contrasts so the food is highlighted. From a point of view of composition, the advantage of being able to photograph during an event is that we can play with the dynamic patterns and repetition. There’s beauty in seeing the individual servings and glasses lined up, especially when the light sparkles off the glass. Not only did the food look beautiful, it tasted delicious!

Thank you to Eva and everyone on the Biorganic Factory team for their confidence in my photography. It was a pleasure to enjoy this beautiful new building.


La Maison Européenne des Autrices et Auteurs 

Biorganic Factory