Professional photo retouching

Retouching showcases your images and gives the best quality possible.

There are three kinds of image post production: editing photographs, retouching and creative retouching, also called photomontage.


Editing images consists of basic corrections. Done with the help of a program such as Adobe Lightroom or Adobe camera Raw, these corrections include colour regulation, chromatic correction by balancing the white tones, lighting, contrast, sharpness, correcting blurriness due to the camera lens …


Retouching consists of correcting elements within the image. Whether it be an imperfection, a flaw, or an object that ought not be in the image. These corrections are done with the help of programs such as Adobe Photoshop.

Creative retouching, photomontage

In line with retouching, creative retouching/photomontage consists of constructing an image from several images in order to push the visual and creative boundaries as far as possible. This technique is the result of lots of experience, observational work and fastidiousness. Find a few examples of this technique on the “Making of” page.

Here is an example of the 3 different techniques; editing, retouching and creative retouching/photomontage, used on the same raw image.

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