Events photographer

Events photography, an immersion in another world

Whether it be for a business, a restaurant, a holiday cottage, a B&B, a product, an event or to capture a special occasion such as a wedding, I am there to showcase these moments and to supply you with unique and authentic shots.

In order for events photography to succeed, it is vital to find an original perspective, a particular emotion, as well as there being a certain spontaneity about the shot.

Telling a story with events photography

Conveying an emotion via a photo is the wish of all photographers, but you have to do quite some work to achieve this. Among the elements which need to be put into place to capture an emotion, there needs to be a narrative coming out of the picture, which captures important and special instances and grasps particular moments.

In events, it’s not so much the aesthetic that counts; it’s above all conveying an emotion, a fleeting moment, and a snippet of life.

A few examples of events photography:

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