The photography and me

Hyacinthe Arthurs

Attracted by research into graphics, beautiful images, the discovery of new places and different cultures, I decided to undertake a Baccalaureate in photography techniques at the University HELB-INRACI in Brussels.

My perfectionist and meticulous tendencies pointed me towards commercial and advertising photography. After more than 10 years’ professional experience, I’d worked for different clients across Belgium and Europe.

Open to all challenges and styles of shot, I’m committed to getting the result which exactly matches the client’s requirements. And when the framework allows, I offer an aesthetic and technical look, in order to produce the highest quality final images.

Be it on location or in the studio, particular attention is always paid to framing, composition and lighting.

With the evolution of digital imagery, and always with a view to improving the quality of my images, I have specialised in editing, professional retouching, creative retouching/photomontages and post production. This allows me to develop a quality-centred approach, while still bringing the sense of the image to the fore. You can find out more about this kind of work on here: Professional photo retoucher.

I’ve also cooperated with other people in the graphic/visual world for not-for-profit organisations, creating documentaries and socio-cultural projects. Notably: UzinesS and Where Is The Queen?.

My services


As a professional photographer, be it outdoors or in the studio, I pay particular attention to framing, to composition and to the lighting.

Time lapse

Time lapse photos require creativity and a refined technique to get high quality results!

Photo retouching

Retouching and post production allow me to perfect images and to get the best quality shots.