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Earlier this month, I was invited to act as the event photographer for a three-day event celebrating sustainable development hosted at The Pass, a scientific museum in Frameries. Called “The Feast of Sustainable Development,” this event was both very interesting and personally enriching because it focused on a theme in which I try to be involved: the environment and the attention to waste. I consider myself fortunate to have been asked to provide the event photography for this fun three-day festival.

Wallonia Event Photography: Feast of Sustainable Development

Broken out into three days, each day brought new and interesting speakers, forums and introductions. As an event photographer I tried to provide a glimpse into the exchange, sharing and interaction between the attendees. It is important for this style of event to highlight the relationships between people and the interaction of the attendees. It was therefore important to mix both broad and close-up shots, and sometimes blurring the background to highlight certain moments, speakers or actions. This allowed me to capture the essence of the event and all who attended.

I also wanted to showcase the atmosphere of the beautiful site, The Pass. This unique venue was once a coal mining site, but has now been converted into a museum and scientific discovery site. The Pass allows both children and adults to experiment and discover the scientific community with hands-on experiments and displays. The Pass provides a place for visitors to embark on a journey of discovery, enjoying science in multiple exhibits, displays and films. It was the perfect venue choice for this event!

Day One: Associative Forum

The first day hosted the Associative Forum: 145 Walloon companies and associations shared their experiences and explored possible solutions to further install sustainable development and ecological transition within their sectors. The different workshops of the day were organized by associations21, specialized in the organization of events highlighting the sustainable. One memorable moment of the first day was when the Walloon Minister of the Environment, Carlo Di Antonio, inaugurated a new wind turbine that will allow The Pass to create green energy. It was wonderful to see how technology continues to evolve. Multiple success stories and inspiring testimonials were shared. Documenting the interaction and proposals was very interesting for me, after all, it’s not every day I get to see so many people collaborate towards the betterment of the environment. There was even a graphic artist who took graphic notes over the course of the day, providing another visual to capture the day. It was inspiring to see how many different associations wanted to embrace sustainable development.

Day Two: Open to the General Public

The second day was open to the general public. More than 2000 people came to the event to reflect on their environmental habits in a family atmosphere. Some of the featured topics were: concrete proposals for a more sustainable alternative for the garden, packaging, food selection, and energy consumption. Attendees were able to explore through animated stands, workshops, and shows. Ice cream, beer, wine and produce were also available from local vendors on site. The entire day was filled with science, music and sunshine.

Day Three: Wallonia Schools Day

Rounding out this three day event, the final day was designed for children. More than 250 students ranging in age from 9 to 12 years old came from all over Wallonia to discover The Pass and the possible alternatives for a sustainable environment.  It was amazing to watch the next generation as they learned about these topics. The children were very responsive and participated with pleasure in the various personalized workshops.

I would like to thank Minister Carlo Di Antonio’s office, and especially Sandrine Duplicy, for their warm welcome as their event photographer. Thank you for trusting me with the photographic coverage of this fascinating event.


– Wallonia Tomorrow

The Pass

Minister Carlo Di Antonio


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