Belgium Landscaping Photo Shoot Arthurs H Photography

Last April, I had the absolute pleasure of working with Olivier Gustin, owner and founder of Gustin Jardin Exterior & Garden Landscaping here in Belgium. Olivier is a true artist when it comes to garden landscaping and I was eager to capture some of his projects on camera!

Olivier Gustin | Olivier Jardin Exterior & Garden Landscaping

Olivier is incredibly passionate about the design of outdoor spaces. He has the uncanny ability to optimize an outdoor space both efficiently and beautifully. With his amazing team of landscaping professionals, he studies each client’s needs as best as possible to propose personalized arrangements that are in line with the client’s aesthetic.

In addition to the utilization of outdoor space, Olivier’s company also offers beautifully planted gardens using quality materials and metal-crafted creations. With gorgeous floral and planted arrangements, they know how to work with a client’s idea and turn their landscaping dreams into a reality.

Olivier had fantastic success in 2018, when he received the award for the Best Garden Entrepreneur in Wallonia in the category of Less Than 350 m². He’s had great success in his career and I was incredibly excited to photograph some of his most stunning landscape creations.

Belgium Landscaping Photography | Arthurs-H Photography

Olivier contacted me to discuss a photo project that could highlight his different achievements to be used for various marketing projects, brochures, social media and his company website. In order to better prepare for the shots, we met in advance to talk about his needs and to find the best approach for the different photo projects. 

Garden Design and Landscaping Photography is very similar to Architectural Photography. Both concentrate on highlighting the spaces, depth and colors that punctuate the landscape. With Olivier’s photo sessions, it was also important to pay attention to the time of day we were shooting. Sun placement was essential to highlighting the different achievements in Olivier’s landscaping ability.

The objective of taking these images was to show, in a global way, the layout of these spaces with different material and organic creations. The goal was to better help Olivier’s clients imagine these creations in their own outdoor spaces. I was glad I was able to get a good amount of close-up shots, in order to better highlight the details and the quality of the work done by Olivier and his team.

It was a true pleasure re-discovering each project with Olivier Gustin and meeting the owners of each house. It helped me to realize the scope of Olivier’s involvement in his work, the orders he receives and the great communication he has with his clients.

I was so honored that Olivier asked me to help him capture some of his most beautiful outdoor achievements on camera. It made me realize the incredible possibilities of landscape creation that can be done with only a little outdoor space.

I’d like to thank Olivier Gustin and his team for giving me insight into the work they do every day. Their professionalism, as well as the quality of their landscaping achievements is inspiring. Keep up the great work!