Entrepreneur Week is an event organized by ING that aims to promote entrepreneurship, and the exchange and sharing of ideas. This amazing seminar is made up of 36 events spread across four days and twelve cities from 23 to 26 April 2018. More than 100 well-known experts and passionate entrepreneurs shared their experiences. This year, I had the pleasure to provide the corporate event photography for 25th April in Namur at the Cercle de Wallonie, and then the following day, 26th April at the Val-Saint-Lambert Abbey in Liège.

ING Business Week 2018 – Corporate Event Photography

The ING Business Week focused on nine essential themes for the future of business. Throughout this engaging business event, expert speakers shared their professional background and experience. Listening to these professionals share their thoughts on the evolution of business was both interesting and rewarding.  The nine themes that were discussed and debated through this event were:

  • Financing growth and change
  • Building Partnerships with other companies
  • Millennials at the Workplace
  • Sustainable Business Practices
  • An advisory board: yes or no?
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Well-being as a competitive advantage
  • Product as a service
  • Start & scale up!

As the corporate event photographer, my mission was to cover the event from A to Z in both Namur and Liège. My goal was to capture the feeling of the event, capturing pictures of the speakers, the attendees as they were networking, and the overall atmosphere of the event. The venues chosen for the events were very pleasant. Each location was and conducive to the exchange of information. As a corporate photographer, I was able to witness the communication, networking and sharing of information that occurred between the attendees and the speakers.

Considering the work I do in corporate and business photography, I am very passionate about entrepreneurship and found the conference very thought-provoking. Hearing about ways to innovate businesses and how to prepare for the future from such intelligent and eloquent speakers was wonderful to experience. In the images I captured during the conference, I focused on trying to document the feeling of the event. Not only showing the people who attended, but also capturing the continued discourse. People were engaged and responsive, networking thought the different events through the day.  Both the Cercle de Wallonie, in Namur and the Val-Saint-Lambert Abbey in Liège were excellent venues for such an event.

All through the conference, efforts were made to keep the mood upbeat and fun. During the various speeches, a cartoonist drew caricatures live to summarize the key ideas from each event. And at the end of each session two actors performed a quick two-minute improvisation to make a theatrical summary. Not only was it entertaining, but it kept the mood light, fun and upbeat. It was a pleasure to be a part of the conference and to document the feel of the day.

Thank you to ING and the Utopix agency. I am thankful for their trust in my photographic coverage of this truly fascinating event.

Some of the Featured Speakers:

– François Blondel, CEO: KitoZyme

– Hugues Bultot, CEO: Univercells

– Julien Coppens, CEO: Les petits riens

– Nathalie De Ceulaer, CFO & Risk Officer: Fortino Capital

– Marc Deschamps, CEO, Prof. Accountancy Exego: Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management, Ulg

– Stéphane Ghyse, CFO: Groupe Eloy

– Thomas Goubau, CEO: Aproplan

– Marek Hudon, Prof. Development Finance & Ethics: Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management ULB

– Michael Labro, CEO: PMSweet

– Brigitte Malou, Managing Director: Les Grottes de Han

– Bernard Tilmans, CEO: Marichal Ketin


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Cercle de Wallonie 

Val St-Lambert