As a professional portrait photographer, I specialise in corporate portrait photography.

As you most probably know, adding a photo to your CV or LinkedIn profile increases the chances of it being read.

Your portrait should make you look your best, showcasing your personality and character, because first impressions will be formed based on your photo.

So it’s vital to produce a professional portrait which stands out from a more casual portrait.

Here are a few details and examples to help you get the portrait photo you want.

Your portrait’s character

Apart from your pose and expression, there are several ways to make your portrait’s character stand out, be it in the studio or on location.

There are 3 different styles:

1) A soft and stripped down portrait

By working in front of a light background and with lighting to limit shadows on the face, a bright and fresh portrait is produced. portrait photo linkedin

2) Neutral portrait

Using a white or grey background with soft lighting, a neutral portrait to be used in all circumstances can be produced.
portrait photo pour cv

3) Character portrait

By working in front of a darker background with more contrasting lighting, a portrait with more character can be produced.
photographe de portrait

How the shoot works

From our first contact, we will define what the portrait’s objective is and therefore what kind of character you want it to have.

On the day of the shoot, we will do a few lighting tests and then we’ll do the first photo shoot, during which I’ll give you advice on how to pose.

We will then immediately look at the photos on a screen to see what improvements can be made. Then we’ll start again with one or more photo shoots in order to get the best results.

At the end of the photo shoot, we will pick out the final selection together.

Post production/retouching your photos

The aim here is not to change your hair color 😉 but to perfect certain details such as the contrast, the brightness, etc, and finally to rub out a few small imperfections (skin texture, spots, etc).

Delivery of images

High definition photos are always delivered in a digital format, in colour and in black & white.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information or prices.