photographe corporate

This year, as a professional photographer I wanted to produce advertising imagery that was off the wall and eye-catching for the end of year celebrations. One idea that came to me was to use the Father Christmas character, and to photograph him in an unusual situation. I was going to photograph Father Christmas having his beard shaven!

The photographs, retouching and photomontage – image by image

Discover below how the final image was constructed step by step.

And here are the different elements which came together to produce this image:

The lay-out:

Created by Eric Jamez, this put our imagined idea for Father Christmas’ photo portrait down on paper.

The Father Christmas model:

I was able to quickly find someone to pose for this image thanks to specialist street casting agency Wantedd, whose slogan is, “I am absolutely not a top model.” Jean was had just the right age, size and beard I needed!

The barbershop – Bayer & Bayer at Brussels:

Situated at the heart of Brussels and more precisely in the Sablon neighbourhood, the Bayer & Bayer barbershop is the barber to visit! The setting is fabulous, as are their staff and service! Definitely not to be missed, regardless of if you have a beard or not. 😉 

And a great big thank you to all those who contributed to this photo: