I had the pleasure of meeting Frédérique Béguin, PR manager, and Thomas Mémurlin, one of the founders of “The Huggy’s Bar, the place to be” during a competition launched in July for the Liège region.

During this photo shoot, we were able to produce three kinds of image:

Food photography:

The first part of the day was dedicated to producing food photos of the brand new Beer-Burger combo. This series of shots required the installation of a “mini studio” inside the restaurant. This allowed us to control the lighting so I could best showcase the products, all the while benefiting from the establishment’s interior décor.
Photographie culinaire restaurant The Huggy's Bar 1


Kitchen photography

Secondly, I photographed what goes on in the kitchen covering how the burgers are made and the dishes prepared. Here, the images were taken of real life, on the spot, to reflect the burgers’ freshness and authenticity.

Photographie culinaire restaurant The Huggy's Bar 6


Restaurant photography

Finally, I produced photographs of the inside of the restaurant and the terrace with customers. The aim here was to show the great atmosphere created in this new setting.



Please don’t hesitate to visit their website, Facebook page or even better, try their burgers!